Monday, 24 October 2011

KORYO Korean Barbeque (Richmond Centre)

KORYO Korean BBQ at Richmond Centre
 Today my girlfriend received a call from the Fido store at Richmond Centre, informing her that her long awaited iPhone 4S had arrived, and was ready for pick-up. Anyone else have to wait more than a week to receive their handset? Anyways, I left her at the Fido kiosk while I decided to grab a bite to eat at the food court. The food court has so many different kinds of food to eat it can be difficult to choose something. Today I decided to try out KORYO after not having eaten there for awhile, I tend to go for Good Ah! (the filipino barbeque I guess), Edo, or Flaming Wok to satisfy my Asian food craving at the mall.

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The menu consists of grilled meat items, udon soup, and sanwiches. The only item i've ever had from the menu before was the Koryo Steak, which comes with white rice, and two side dishes. I particularly enjoy the Garlic Potatoes, and the Glass noodles. The potatoes have a sweet garlic sauce and are a bit crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The glass noodles are pretty standard and I wouldn't say they offer anything special compared to glass noodles found in a traditional Korean Barbeque house. The service was pretty standard for a food court stall, so I can only judge on how nice they were to me, which they were!

Cold Side Dishes
Warm Side Dishes
BBQ Beef Flamer
So I decided to try one of their sandwiches because I like sandwiches and Korean barbequed beef. It's really not that complicated of a decision! The meat was cooked perfectly, it was juicy and had delicious flavour, The burger is dressed with a tomato, lettuce, and their barbeque sauce (the light coloured sauce seen in the picture above) was good and went well with the sandwich, but next time I think i'll opt for their gravy instead (which is really good on their rice and with their steak. The bun is also slightly toasted on their grill which I also like. The only problem I had with it was that it was too small, I think if they offered it in a submarine-type sandwich it would be a lot more worth it.

Glass Noodles
Nothing special here, folks.

French Fries $2.95
In total I paid $8.50 for the sandwich, a side of glass noodles, and a drink. I bought the fries separately afterwards as my girlfriend was looking for a snack. The biggest surprise today was that the fries were actually really, really good. They were deep fried to perfection, were nice and crispy on the outside and had a good texture inside (not soggy, but soft). I seasoned the fries with the seasoning they provide in a shaker, which gave it a really nice colour but didn't actually have that much flavour (almost none, actually). Overall I would say this place was good, and would be exceptional if the price point was lower.

Food: 3.5
Ambiance: n/a
Service: n/a
Value: 3 
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